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What we stand for.

We stand for democracy, peace, and justice. That is why we are using the democratic process to advocate for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and steps towards lasting peace.

We believe in taking urgent action—with our “uninstructed” votes this April—to shift American policy toward an agenda of justice in Gaza.

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Standing alongside.

Our Demands.


It's up to us to take a stance against injustice.

Spread the Word

The more people we can turn out to vote "uninstructed," the stronger our demand for an immediate end to the genocide. Help us reach more voters in person, by email or text, and on social media.

Register to Vote

Register to vote online, or in-person at your municipal clerk's office or at the polls on Election Day. Check your voter registration and polling location at

Vote Uninstructed

Vote Uninstructed on April 2nd or vote early starting March 19th. Select "Democrat" on your ballot and then fill in the bubble next to "Uninstructed Delegation" for President.


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