Friend Bank!

This is a powerful form of outreach that can’t be done without YOU.

The most effective action you can take to support the Uninstructed effort is to talk to your friends & family about it. You, as a member of your local community, know how to connect with your friends & family based on shared values and experiences - your personal testimony about supporting the Uninstructed vote is 20x more likely to persuade your personal contacts.

Text friends and family and remind them to go vote Uninstructed before 8 PM CDT & tell those around them to do the same.

Virtual Phone Banking

Join us on PRIMARY DAY to phone bank virtually for change in Wisconsin! Urge voters to choose uninstructed in the Democratic Primary, pushing for a new direction in Gaza.

Whether you're joining late, can only join for a few hours, not in Wisconsin, or new to phone banking you can play a role in standing against genocide.

Our united call for a ceasefire starts here. Your participation is vital; sign up for a shift and amplify our message for peace.

You will then receive an email from ListenToWisconsin via ActionNetwork.org, which will include a Zoom link for your selected phone bank date and time. Don't worry if you're new to phone banking; each session begins with a training to ensure you're comfortable and confident using the dialer, following the script, and fully supported throughout your phone banking experience.

RSVP for the FINAL Election Day Phone Bank

Phonebank with us on: April 2st 5:30 PM - 8 PM CDT